A NEWS B founded its place in the media scene of Bangladesh 2020. It started its journey with a sense of challenge and a touch feeling of humility to serve this nation as a truly independent news/media website.

The newspaper made its debut at a historical time when, with the fall of an wayward regime, the country was well set to begin a new era towards creating a democratic system of government which avoid Bangladesh for too long.


A NEWS B suffering on with the drawn out duty is to solidify general assessment on how the majority rule framework should function and how to continue and sustain republican standards successfully.


The uniqueness of Kids Health lies in its non-party position, in the opportunity it appreciates from any impression of political home or vested gatherings. Its quality is in taking a place of magnanimity in differ among great and underhandedness, equity and bad form, good and bad, careless of whether positions held by any gathering or partnership.

A NEWS B advocates rule of law, human rights, national interests, press opportunity, straightforwardness and responsibility of individuals in the organization and in the realm of exchange and industry on which the news/media site has never undermined whatever the expenses. No political forces can underestimate it and nobody is offered cause to question its reasonableness.


Being very much aware of its social obligations and obligations, the news/media site attempts to guarantee human rights to all, expel sexual orientation segregation, advocate rule of law, press opportunity, straightforwardness and responsibility in the organization and in the realm of exchange and industry or more all to maintain national interests. While working for these finishes, Probashi News consistently keeps up most extreme truthfulness and responsibility to serve the country the manner in which it is limited by its standards and qualities.

Other than running news gives an account of these issues, Great News conveys uncommon reports, human-intrigue stories, highlights, articles, and papers composed by its staff and different experts and abilities from the nation over and abroad.


The news/media site is controlled by a Board of Directors containing five individuals. The leader of the body is called Chairman while different individuals Directors.

The Board of Directors just arrangements with pay and venture of the news/media site however has nothing to do with policymaking.

The duty of policymaking lies with the Editor who is additionally one of the Directors.


The Editor who is additionally the Publisher of the news/media site drives the news, announcing and publication units. He is helped by a partner editorial manager and collaborator editors.

An article board involving the partner supervisor and associate editors are liable for composing publications under the management of the Editor.

The partner editorial manager is answerable for helping the Editor in driving all the units and fills in as acting supervisor without the Editor. The associate editors are answerable for composing articles in accordance with the guidance of the Editor.

They additionally compose and gather post-articles from different essayists and take care of the publication and post-publication pages. It is likewise their duty to take care of the highlights and articles and make-up the pages.

The Finance Manager heads the money and records segments. The Circulation Manager is answerable for all flow of the paper the nation over and for finding a way to build course. Ad Manager heads the notice area and is liable for overseeing promotions.

The central journalist is answerable for directing the entire detailing group, the key unit of the paper. He allocates journalists for covering occasions and composing uncommon reports and gets reports from the journalists working the nation over. In the wake of getting the reports, he advances those to the news editors.

There are two boss journalists in A NEWS B , one answerable for current undertakings and another for specials issues.

Boss News Editor heads the news area that includes news editors and sub-editors. Other than two news editors and a joint news proofreader, there are a few sub-editors. The News Editors are liable for page make-up. They additionally compose features of the reports.

The sub-editors alter the reports and submit them to the news editors. The news editors later send the reports for update to Revision Editor.

There is likewise a City Editor in Health Babys who facilitates all the occasions that happen in the city. He likewise administers journalists who spread exceptional occasions and facilitates the staff who work with bringing out uncommon pages on various events.

Interim, there are revamp men and interpreters on the news/media site to create duplicates.


The news/media site is run by a strategy formed in accordance with its goal and qualities. The policymakers take the choices. Other than the article board, the overseeing manager, news editors and boss journalists additionally assume a significant job in dynamic.

Vital choices likewise originate from the week after week meeting of journalists and sub-editors.